BIPV B35 System

In the Robisol® BIPV B35 system the solar panels are the waterproof shell. The continuous mounting profiles are anodized black and give a stylish feel. The system replaces or covers the outer shell of the building and can be applied as a roof or as a façade.


The design freedom of the BIPV B35 system is tremendous: facades, solar trackers, full-roof systems and in-roof systems are all possible. Complete ridges, concealed gutters, roof-end profiles, wall corners, flashing and thatch integration are all available. The cleverly designed profiles offer almost unlimited possibilities for finishing. The system is customized to the solar panel of choice and the roof surface. Transitions are provided on all four sides to all kinds of roof tiles or when applied as full cover on all sorts of roof shapes and walls.



The BIPV B35 system has an attractive appearance. The visible slender, black anodized profiles are implemented with hidden mounts for an uninterrupted presentation. Its clear lines are combined with round snap frames and lasered end plates to integrate the system with the PV plane. Combined with black solar panels it becomes indistinguishable from any other roof or façade. The PV-plane is secondary to the design of the building and thus integration is complete.


Apart from the renewable energy provided by the solar panels there also is the durable aluminum system designed in terms of minimal material consumption and maximal longevity. The aluminum profiles are produced from recycled aluminum and can be melted down and reused at the end of their life cycle. Because the  use of corrosion-resistant materials the PV plant is maintenance-free and reliable. The solar panels are properly cooled and well protected for maximum longevity.


Productsheet BIPV B35 Systeem

Montage-instructie B35 Systeem




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