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BiTile Sunroof system

The Robisol® BiTile mounting system is roofing and solar panels in one. Black glass solar modules are tiled in such a way that the roof gets a slate-like appearance. The system can replace the entire roofing or be applied to just a section.

A jewel on your roof

The BiTile system was developed to beautify the roof. The black glass panels have a playful overlap that comfortably combines with the clear lines of the aluminum system. Good finishing is provided on all sides and with a full range of transitional profiles all roof integrations are possible. Solar panels have become part of a roof that suits both classical and modern architectural styles.

Energy production

The solar panels used in the BiTile system deliver a high return. The handy Robisol® panels are a third of the size of a standard panel. This way the "shingle" installation method is emphasized. The cells are well protected with highly transparent glass on the front and black glass to the rear. With a power output of 100Wp per module they deliver up to 160 Wp / m2. The panels come with 12 years of warranty and a performance guarantee of 90% after 10 years and 80% after 30 years.

Obviously, other size panels can also be used and a standard format solar panel of 300Wp per square meter will provide the same return as the Robisol panel.
Because of the BiTile system's ample ventilation openings, the solar panels are properly cooled for a maximum yield per panel. This extra ventilation is also important to let timber roofs breathe sufficiently.

Transitions and connections

To provide transitions to skylights, dormers, roof penetrations and roof ends, the solar panels are combined with alupanels. Black alupanels are similar in color to solar panels and can be customized easily. Under roof penetrations, the BiTile transition profile insures that any water under these alupanels is discharged over the roof. This keeps flashing and sealants out of sight, creating a beautifully continuous roof.


The BiTile mounting system consists vertical styles between horizontal beams. The horizontal beams are attached to counter battens with mounting hooks which allow one to correct any unevenness in the roof surface. The solar panels are then placed from the ridge down so the technician can work comfortably and there are no underlying solar panels that could be damaged. The manageable sizes of the system components aid the technician in a safe, efficient and correct installation.

That's how easy you place your solar panels!
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