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Kyroof In roof system

In the Robisol Kyroof system the mounts of the solar panels are hidden. This makes for a nice smooth roof without shadow lines or interruptions. The panels are embedded into the roof and the underlying roofing ensures reliable waterproofing.
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The Kyroof in-roof system can be applied with different kinds of solarpanels ranging from the high power Sunpower MAX3 400Wp solarpanels to the standard Soluxtec Powerslate 300Wp solarpanels up to solarpanels of your own choice. De decision which panels to use is a function of the available roof surface and the required energy needs.  

The Kyroof in-roof system is made up of high-quality products. It starts with a 3-layer roofing that is resistant to flying sparks (EN13501-5), has a tensile strength of 500N per 50mm (EN12311-2), is UV-resistant (EN1297) and 100% waterproof (EN1928). For maximum corrosion resistance all the metal parts are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The mounting profiles make sure that the solar panels are mounted without play and ventilate for maximum efficiency of your PV system. Concealed gutters and sealing profiles ensure watertight transitions to roof tiles, roof ends, ridges and troughs. Along with special transitions for skylights, dormer windows and roof penetrations every roof can be used.


The Kyroof system ensures that solar panels are fully integrated into the roof. The black mounting profiles are invisible as they are placed underneath the panels. Because the system does not use mounting brackets there is no chance of shade falling on the panels. The profiles link together to make sure the panels are secured and the lines on the roof remain constant. The system is easily customizable and is embedded deep within the roof. This places the panels lower than any surrounding roof tiles to create a beautifully finished look.


To make sure projects are completed without error, the Kyroof system is designed for easy installation. Each panel is individually mounted but coupled to the others using the mounting profiles. These aid in the alignment and securing of the system. The technician does not need to measure a lot, can work quickly and the mounting positions are easily accessable so he never has to walk on the panels. The flashing is easily mounted on the positions that give the best seal to any surrounding roofing tiles. This saves installation time because the technician does not need to cut custom tiles, and always provides the best waterproofing. Ease of installation is one of the few cases where quality and low-cost go hand in hand.

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