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First Solar USA Series 4

Geavanceerde dunne film technologie

First Solar provides the industry’s leading eco-efficient PV solutions which generate more energy at a competitive cost with the smallest environmental impact.

Technology for the Real World

Factory-rated power doesn’t always equate to performance in the field. First Solar’s Series 4TM and Series 6TM modules generate more energy for your solar plant with a module proven to deliver significantly more usable energy per nameplate watt than competing technologies.

As a global leader in PV energy, First Solar’s advanced thin film solar modules have set the industry benchmark with over 17 gigawatts (GW) installed worldwide and a proven performance advantage over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules. Generating more energy than competing modules with the same power rating, First Solar’s Series 4™ and Series 4A™ PV Modules deliver superior performance and reliability to our customers.

With a product warrantied for 25 years, PV solar modules are reliable. First Solar is one of only five modules in the world to pass Atlas 25+, the Thresher and TUV Long-Term Sequential Tests.

Proven Energy Yield Advantage

  • Generates more energy than conventional crystalline silicon solar modules with the same power due to superior temperature coefficient and superior spectral response
  • Anti-reflective coated glass (Series 4A™) enhances energy production

Advanced Performance & Reliability

  • Compatible with advanced 1500V plant architectures
  • Independently certified for reliable performance in high temperature, high humidity, extreme desert and coastal environments


Type zonnepaneel First Solar USA Series 4
Vermogen 122,5 Wp
Lengte 1200 mm
Breedte 600 mm
Dikte 6,8 mm
Gewicht 12 kg
Garantie 10 jaar
Vermogensgarantie 25 jaar

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