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Sunpark canopy HL system

Solar energy used twice

Because sustainable is allowed to be beautiful 

The Robisol Sunpark HL Systeem takes the logical step to integrate solar energy into buildings. This mounting system transforms the solar panel into a construction element with self-supporting roofs and gutters. The high load capacity of the system makes it possible to apply roof sizes of 4.00 metres and spans of 5.00 metres. Together with a steel substructure there are endless possibilities to cover areas for shopping, parking, storage and many others applications.

When using the solar panel as a roof, a fine balance between shading and natural light can be achieved. With a good design, the beauty of photvoltaics is shown without compromises.

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The Building Structure

When applying the Sunpark HL System over car parks, the parking spaces and driveways are roofed. For perpendicular parking, several covers are placed on a 16-metre lattice. The centre aisle of 6 metres wide and two parking spaces of 5 metres deep are bridged with one lattice. Columns are placed at the outer corners of the parking spaces to allow cars to manoeuvre freely. With this solution the comple parking area is dry and fully utilised for solar energy.

For canopies, entrances and other roofings, the substructure is often constructed of steel or wood. The Sunpark Canopy System offers flexibility in mounting positions and drain connections and is easy to mount on most substructures. The added value of solar panels as a roof can be used in many buildings.


The PV Modules

The Sunpark Systeem is suitable for almost all types of solar panels. In cooperation with investors or large scale installers, there is often a desire to buy 'own' panels so that the efficiency of the PV System can be guaranteerd. With relatively standard solar panels, a friendly interior space is created, because no solar panel is 100% light proof.

Additionally, it may be interesting to choose for extra light transmission. With a solar roof, this can be achieved by using solar panels with slightly more space between the cells. This creates a beautiful play of light and a pleasant living space under the roof.


The practical benefits

The Sunpark canapy systeem adds value to your building, makes it more sustainable and pays for itself by producing green energy.

The use of solar panels as a roofing structure offers advantages in:
- High Energy production per square metre;
- A Beautiful play of light under the canopy;
- A watertight roof with gutters and drainage;
- A neat construction with minimal material consumption;
- Integrated electrical management for maximum efficiency.

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