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BiTile Solar Roof

No roof tiles needed

Solar energy is beautiful and simple.
It is an investment that pays for itself with a product that produces energy without maintenance.
Robisol uses solar panels to replace roof tiles; making double use of the solar panel and
integrating it beautifully into the building.

Robisol designs, supplies and installs both in-roof and full-roof systems with various panels and an
intelligent solution for every roof connection.
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Solar roof system

The BiTile solar roof system offers a complete solution with solar panels, fitting panels, ridges, gutter connections and roof ends. Skylights can be integrated, seals provided and connections to corner and valley roofs can be made to fit. In this way, we can deliver a uniform appearance for every roof.

Inverters are selected based on your configuration. This includes the project size, shading, and any requirements such as a battery connection. With every roof, we ensure a low-maintenance system with maximised efficiency.

Robisol 208Wp Full Black

The Robisol 208Wp Full Black solar panel is smaller than a standard solar panel. Applied in the BiTile mounting system, each solar panel has a working width of 1500mm. This width corresponds well with the grid dimensions of many houses. The module height is mounted at 800 mm centre-to-centre. This is shorter then with normal modules so that the roof tile style of mounting is emphasized.

The solar panel is equipped with 11 narrow guide wires per cell, which disappear almost invisibly into the black roof surface. The solar cells are protected by 4mm tempered glass with low reflection to increase the aesthetic value. This unique solar panel has been specially developed for the BiTile System to provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The benefits

IBesides the aesthetic benefits, a Robisol solar roof reduces material consumption, man-hours and CO2 footprint.

The BiTile System meets all modern standards and guidelines. After a condensation film is placed, the mounting rails are mounted on the rafters. This rail that replaces the battens can be adjusted in height so that the solar roof can be perfectly aligned. The panels are mounted tile-wise in the BiTile system to create a ventilation space under each solar panel. The frameless solar panels drain water and dirt easily, making your solar roof worry-free and maintenance-free.

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