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The Beauty of Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic power (also known as "PV" or "solar panels") is on its way to replace traditional energy sources. We have seen a rapid improvement in the price per kilowatt; comparable with the rate at which computer chips improved at the end of last century. And, perhaps most importantly, photovoltaic makes use of an endless energy source that is free for everyone.
Since the 1980s, the price of solar energy has halved every two to three years. Currently, solar energy is cheaper than the consumer price for electricity and it seems like we will get to the industrial tariffs within three years. Even after that, there will be still plenty of room for further improvement. In addition to current standards with mono and poly crystalline panels, the thin film technology ("CiS") is only at the beginning of its technological development. And new materials (such as graphene) are being researched, which can reduce the price per kilowatt even further.
Actually, it is logical photovoltaic seems to be the industry standard for energy generation. Sunlight is free of charge and photovoltaic is just converting that solar energy (photons) into electricity (electrons). In addition, no maintenance is required and there are no CO2 emissions or other air pollution. We feel it is just wonderful that a technological development provides the answer to global problems with power generation and air pollution.
A beautiful technology deserves a beautiful application and Robisol® therefore focuses on the use of solar energy in attractive applications. What makes it even more better is that these good looking applications do not need to be more expensive than conventional mounting systems. Smart applications can make dual use of the available area when using solar panels as cover material for roofs or facades and it like that it actually becomes a complimentary building element.
And that is why we like to use solar in applications that improve the environment.

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