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The Beauty of Photovoltaics

Sunshine is a conversion of energy on which everything and everyone lives.
If you harvest enough of it, a conversion into hydrogen is also possible
and you can meet all your energy needs without polluting your natural environment.
Of course, it is possible to match your energy needs to the times when it is available, but basically, with solar energy, we can work towards a period of surplus.

It is a technology that offers a fantastic opportunity to make sustainable energy accessible to everyone. Do not confuse this with sustainable initiatives that sometimes contribute nothing or even increase the problem. Biomass is the most obvious example, cutting down forests that actually cool and absorb CO2. But please keep your eyes on the ball! The earth is polluted from the ocean floor to the atmosphere and we are really the ones who suffer the most. You can say that the petrochemical industry is the main polluter, but we also produce 490 kg of waste per person per year, we also get into cars and planes and we also consume more than the earth can produce on a yearly basis.

We owe it to future generations to look for solutions that do not pollute and in which raw materials are not unnecessarily wasted or destroyed. The Netherlands is one of the smartest countries in the world; we have the capital and the innovative power. If we do not let ourselves be distracted by conservative industries and conservative policies, we are the ones who can provide the solutions. And yes, you can make money with that. Because if you apply sustainability properly, you prevent waste. So you can always create more added value or be more profitable than the alternative.

We therefore sincerely hope that our vision may contribute to your creativity.

Robisol - Because sustainability is allowed to be beautiful!

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