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Sunspan canopy system

Solar energy used twice

Roof & solar in one

The Robisol Sunspan Canopy system offers a logical alternative for the construction and renovation of sheds, barns and parking shelters. A roof covering such as corrugated or trapezoidal sheets is unnecessary because the Sunspan System uses the solar panels as a roof. The transparancy of the solar panel offers a pleasant interior space and allows solar energy to be aesthetically integrated into the building.

The Building Structure

The Sunspan System is mounted on the purlins of the roof structure. The panels are connected with stacking profiles on battens. At the bottom, a filling plate or flashing can be fastened. At the top, the system fits in a ventilating ridge. The solar roof can be mounted from working platforms inside the building to make the work safe and efficient.

With mounting on purlins, the Sunspan system is a generically applicable roof structure. The use of solar roofs can therefore be applied in many kind of buildings.


The PV Modules

The Sunpark Systeem is suitable for many types of solar panels. In cooperation with investors or large scale installers, there is often a desire to buy 'own' panels so that the efficiency of the PV System can be guaranteerd. Please note that the Sunspan System is designed for solar panels with a frame height of 30mm. For landscape mounting, solar panels with a length under 1800mm are recommended. 

Standard solar panels provide a friendly interior space, because no solar panel is 100% light proof. Additionally, it may be interesting to choose for extra light transmission. With a solar roof, this can be achieved by using solar panels with slightly more space between the cells.


The practical benefits

The Sunspan canopy has been developed to mount solar panels as a building product. With solar panels as the roof, indoor spaces are covered with semi-transparant and reliable roofing. 

In addition to high energy production per square metre, the solar roof provides:
- a smart and strong roof construction that fits many substructures;
- a beautiful light transmission under the canopy;
- a watertight roof with reliable drainage;
- integrated electrical management for maximum efficiency.

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