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Robisol® has a range of products. You can find these here below. In addition, under 'Projects' you will find some examples of completed projects. The systems we offer are widely applicable and can be fitted with project-specific transition profiles and seals if required.

BiTile Sunroof

The Bitile system is roofing and solar panels in one. The full black solar panels are mounted one over the other like regular roofing tiles, which creates a slate-like style

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Kyroof system

The Kyroof system is provided with an EPDM roof underneath the invisibly mounted solar panels, which guarantees a watertight solution.

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Sunpark System

Based on the desire to integrate solar energy into the built environment, the Sunpark System uses the solar panel as a roof. The framed solar panel provides a solid basis for designing a roof structure that can be used for various purposes. In this way, you use the solar panel not only for energy generation, but also to add value to the space you make available.

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Depending on your preferences, the most suitable solution is chosen. In addition to four-sided installation between the roof tiles, full-roof systems and transitions to facades, ridges and gutters can also be created. In many cases, the building-integrated application of solar panels is an attractive solution.

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