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Robisol represents solar panels from high-quality suppliers. The Kyroof in-roof system is suitable for almost all framed solar panels and as standard we carry the solar panels of DMEGC, Sonnenstrom Fabrik and Sunpower, among others. Whereas the Kyroof System uses an underlying roof covering, the solar panels used in the BiTile Voldroof System form the rainproof shell itself. In order to ensure ventilation and water tightness Robisol tests the solar panels extensively and in the base we use two solar panels that have been designed together with DMEGC Solar. In addition solar panels from among others Sonnenstrom Farbik, Soluxtec and Ruike New Energy have also been tested and are suitable for application in the BiTile System.

The reason why Robisol carries its own solar panels is because, in addition to technical aspects, we also consider aesthetic quality to be important. Standard solar panels are particularly prone to discolouration in damp weather. Our small format Ultra Black panels and standard format Full Black panels are therefore fitted with glass that prevents reflection differences and ensures a constant colour.


DMEGC Solar is one of the largest solar cell manufacturers in the world. Because the cells are processed in the solar panels without intervention of transport, undamaged and uncontaminated, the electrical circuit is of very high quality. To confirm this, the certificates, quality declarations and measurements have been checked by the Dutch Bureau CRG. You can find the 96Wp Ultra Black and 320Wp Full black panels in the CRG database. According to the statement of the CRG Bureau, when applying the BiTile System you may calculate the energy performance on the basis of 'Roof Integrated - rear ventilation'.


The documentation on our BiTile System focuses on the two BiTile-specific solar modules:
  • The small size 96Wp Ultra black
  • The standard size 320 Wp Full black

If you want to apply a solar panel from Sonnenstrom Fabrik or Soluxtec, the format and aesthetics are similar to the 320Wp Full Black panel. The format is therefore the most striking difference between the 96Wp Ultra Black panel and the 320Wp Full Black panel. Of course, this is difficult to see from a brochure or an explanation. For this reason, you will find a visualisation below.

As explained, in combination with the Kyroof in-roof system, you have complete freedom to choose the solar panel you prefer. For the system solution we offer with the BiTile Solar Roof, we will be happy to give you the best possible advice.


The Sunpark system is made for standard solar panels. Because the solar panels function directly as a roof covering you look from the inside of the roof covering at the back of the solar panel.

Robisol supplies 4 solar panels as standard:

  • The DM450M6 solar panel has a white backsheet and allows sufficient light through to maintain the view under the roof;
  • The DM320G1 solar panel has a glass backsheet and allows sufficient light through to maintain an outdoor experience under the roof;
  • The DM380G1 solar panel has a glass backsheet with 1 cm space between the cells to create a fine play of light under the canopy. This is an ideal panel for a utility room where people visit. The panel provides enough shade to keep the temperature down, and has sufficient light transmission to give the roof an exclusive look;
  • The DM195G1 solar panel has a glass back panel with 7 cm space between the cells to let through about 50% of the outside light. This is an ideal panel for grow rooms. The cells are evenly distributed over the panel and together with the light diffusing glass, the light is evenly distributed over the interior space. In this way, the crops are exposed both directly and indirectly during the day.

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