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The Microinverter

Like power optimisers, the micro-inverter ensures that the solar panels are individually connected. In that respect, the applicability of micro-inverters is the same as with power optimizers.

The main difference with power optimizers is that the direct current is converted to 230V alternating current directly behind the panel. There is no central inverter installed. Unlike power optimizers, micro-inverters can be applied from 1 solar panel upwards. The limitation arises rather if you want to connect a relatively large number of solar panels. As standard, you will not go beyond 8 micro-inverters on a single-phase branch and 24 micro-inverters on a three-phase branch. Partly due to the somewhat higher pricing, micro-inverters are more often used with smaller than with larger installations.

The best-known supplier of micro-inverters is Enphase and this is also the micro-inverter that Robisol supplies in the main. The Enphase system offers a fine monitoring platform with which the energy generation per panel is clear. Because a solar panel supplies low voltage and the inverters themselves are connected with alternating current, a system with micro-inverters is very safe. The system is equipped with good arc detection and can easily be de-energised. The conversion of low-voltage direct current (as with micro-inverters) is slightly less efficient than the conversion of high-voltage direct current (as with string inverters or power optimisers). Especially the micro-inverters of Enphase are very reliable, which makes this system more maintenance friendly than power optimizers.

For an installation with micro-inverters, in addition to the connection of the inverters in the meter box, an Envoy communication kit is also installed in your meter box. Below you will find the datasheets of both products.

Enphase micro-omvomers
Enphase Envoy-s

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