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BiTile standard size 320Wp

Full black - glas-glas - half-cut cells

Of course, a special panel such as a small-sized Ultra Black is slightly more expensive than a standard solar panel. The BiTile System is therefore also suitable for standard solar panels. This concerns unframed solar panels with a glass thickness of approximately 6 mm.

A solar panel that Robsol has always had good experiences with is the Full Black solar panel from DMEGC-Solar. The modern version of this solar panel was therefore chosen and equipped with anti-reflective glass to prevent discolouration of the solar panel. In this way, the standard size 320Wp Full Black panel was created. A solar panel that fits nicely on larger roofs and is a good solution to make beautiful solutions accessible to everyone.


The 320Wp Full Black solar panel is also included in quality declaration 20210232GK and is listed under type designation DM320G1-G60HNB. The panel has an electrical layout of two times sixty half-cut G1 cells. The cells are well protected by a glass plate on the front and back and has a relatively standard size of 1678 x 996 mm. The 320Wp solar panel is laminated with POE foil between the front and rear glass plate which provides the solar panel with extra protection against delamination and leakage current.

The DM320G1-G60HNB panel has a working voltage of 33.57V at a current of 9.54A. The open terminal voltage is 41.06V at 9.95A. These are relatively standard values for a solar panel. The panel can therefore easily be connected to any inverter.

When choosing a string inverter, it is important to know that the 320Wp Full Black panel is equipped with three bypass diodes. These ensure that cells that function less are bypassed so that the power of your PV installation continues to yield well when a panel is in the shade. The bypass diodes also prevent problems with the installation in case of damage.


In the appendices to this page you will find both the product sheet and the quality declaration of the DM320G1-G60HNB panel.

The solar panel comes with a 10-year product guarantee and a 25-year yield guarantee. In combination with the BiTile System, the solar module is well protected and cooled. Moreover, no leakage current occurs and the system prevents contamination of the panels. The advantage of the glass-glass laminate is that the panel is very rigid, so it will not vibrate and the electrical circuit cannot be damaged. The outer glass plate prevents discolouration and can be less easily damaged than with standard solar panels.

Also with the 320Wp Standard Format solar panel your roof will have a luxurious appearance that shows how beautiful solar energy can be. Robisol has already fitted hundreds of houses with standard format solar panels. A major advantage of this solution is that the product remains attractive in terms of price while savings are made on roof tiles, zinc work and labour. We have been able to apply the combination several times for social housing and renovation. With this product, a beautiful way of integrating solar energy into the built environment is accessible for almost every project.


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