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Small, powerful and deep black

You can create the most beautiful solar roof with the small-sized Ultra Black solar panels. With this panel, we regularly receive the comment that the roof with PV is more beautiful than without. In addition to preventing reflection differences, all the metal guiding strips on this solar panel are black. What remains is a dull black glass plate that looks more like slate than a solar panel.


The small-size 96Wp Ultra Black solar panel is listed in quality declaration 20210232GK under type designation DM96M6-20XUB. The panel has an electrical layout of 4 by 5 PERC cells. With 20 cells, the panel has significantly fewer cells than a standard solar panel with 60 or 72 cells. Correspondingly, the efficiency of the panel is slightly lower and the size of the solar panel is also smaller: 672 x 842 mm.

The DM96M6-20XUB panel has an operating voltage of 10.56V at a current of 9.12A. The open terminal voltage is 13.06V at 9.61A. If you connect three Ultra Black panels in series, the panel is electrically comparable to a standard 60 cells panel (31.68V at 9.12A). This is why the panel can easily be connected to any inverter.

The 96Wp Ultra Black panel is fitted with two bypass diodes. A bypass diode ensures that any weak link in the power chain is bypassed. This means that shading does not affect the output of the total string and no hotspots can occur if a cell is damaged.


In the appendices to this page you will find both the product sheet and the quality declaration of the DM96M6-20XUB panel.

The solar panel comes with a 10-year product warranty and a 25-year yield guarantee. In combination with the BiTile System, the solar panel is well protected and cooled. In addition, no leakage current occurs and the solar modules remain easily clean. An advantage of the hardened glass that Robisol uses is that this panel is virtually indestructible. The top layer is also extra hard so that it can withstand any cleaning.

With the small-sized Ultra Black panel your roof will not only be very beautiful but also very sustainable. After all, you produce green electricity, you save on CO2-intensive roof tiles and you receive a robust product with a long lifespan.

Download PDF Techsheet BiTile small panel
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