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Kyroof DMEGC 330Wp

Full black - half cut cells

MEGC so thRobisol has selected the 330Wp solar panel together with Dat the Kyroof brackets fit perfectly around the frame of the panel. The modern half-cut cell technology is applied in a panel that is as black as possible. This gives your roof the luxurious appearance that matches the quality we deliver.

The producer

DMEGC Benelux is part of Hengdian Group Magnetics Co. Ltd., the world's largest magnet manufacturer since 1980. The organisation has 19,000 employees, an average annual turnover of 500 million euros and has been producing for multinationals such as Microsoft, IBM, Sony, HP, Samsung, Siemens and Panasonic for decades. In the solar industry, DMEGC focuses on the production and supply of wafers, solar cells and solar panels. Major and well-known brands use the cells or have the modules fully produced by DMEGC. DMEGC's Solar Division is the financially healthiest panel manufacturer in the world. The production of BiTile modules, from raw material to finished product, is in the hands of DMEGC Solar. Strict quality controls ensure optimal quality and a long service life.

The modules

The modules are equipped with black protections and seals. Modern half-cut technology has been applied to optimise the yield of your solar panels. The powerful solar panels have a size of 1684x1002x35 mm. The laminates are PID Free and have a positive output guarantee of 0-3%. The monocrystalline PERC cells have an efficiency of 19% and deliver a high yield even at low light intensities.


  • Monokristallijne All Black
  • 330 Wp
  • 1684 x 1002 x 35mm
  • 120 half-cut PERC cells
  • IP67 junction box
  • Product warranty 12 years
  • Linear performance guarantee 97% after 1 year; 90% after 10 years; 80% after 25 years.

The System solution

Thanks to extensive testing and the experience gained, we offer this panel with great confidence. With the Kyroof System, the solar panel is ventilated on all four sides to improve panel efficiency and product life. On the outside, no PV clamps are visible and all you see is an attractive solar panel that is neatly integrated into your roof covering.

Productsheet DMEGC 330Wp

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