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Kyroof Sonnenstrom 330Wp

Glas-Glas solid & reliable

The Sonnenstrom Fabrik 330Wp glass-glass modules are 100% made in Germany. The extremely reliable solar modules have a perfect fit in Robisol's Kyroof mounting system. With the thermally hardened solar glass and the composite technology, the solar panels are solid for extreme conditions.

The producer

The production of the panels takes place at the Sonnenstromfabrik in Wismar, Germany, where the head office is also located. Quality, Innovation and Aesthetics are of paramount importance. The production facility uses the latest machines and patented production controls. The panels are produced to the highest quality standards and with a low CO2 footprint.

The modules

The powerful 330Wp glass-glass solar panels from Sonnenstrom Fabrik have a size of 1700x1000x35 mm. The product guarantee of 20 years is one of the best guarantees in Europe. The linear yield guarantee of 87% after 30 years is also favourable. The monocrystalline cells provide an efficiency of 19% and have a favourable temperature coefficient. The panels are rated with a positive power tolerance of 0 to 5 Wp and provide reliable long-term yields.

The System solution

With 330Wp per module, the efficiency of the Robisol Kyroof System is approximately 195Wp/m2. Because the solar panels are mounted in a fully ventilated way, the Kyroof System contributes to the efficiency and lifespan of the solar panels. In addition to the technical advantages, the all-black panels are particularly attractive. The panel combines well with the blind mounting system and gives the roof a look that suits both classic and modern building styles.

Solar panel type Excellent Glass/Glass 330Perc60
Power 330 Wp
Number of cells
Length 1700 mm
Width 1000 mm
Thickness 35 mm
Weight 22 kg
Warranty 20 jaar
Power garantee 30 jaar

Productsheet Sonnenstrom 330Wp

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